Imagine participating in the 2014 Princess Splash for Variety with 18 other boats, cruising down the coast of WA in your Riviera 60 at 20 knots, en route from Mandurah to Bunbury. Suddenly an alarm goes off, closely followed by lots of black smoke and very heavy vibration resulting in port engine shut down. Of course, with Motor Yacht Marine’s commitment to the highest level of service care in WA, none of this would be much of a problem.

The unfortunate incident unfolded March of this year, and thanks to Motor Yacht Marine’s
level of care, several qualified technicians including the General Manager, Andy Clayton, were travelling with the fleet.

Andy was immediately dispatched to the boat, Chase Me, to investigate the problem. He contacted Caterpillar, the engine manufacturer, and arranged to have a technicians meet them when they arrived in Bunbury.

As the rest of the fleet, save for two boats that stayed with the disabled vessel, continued their voyage south, Chase Me slowly made it to Bunbury and had the engine checked. After revealing a fault in the Engine Control and Management Module, a new one was secured from the Bunbury office. A quick search of the engine number by Caterpillar revealed the engine was still under warranty, so all the repairs were done free of charge.

After the chip was reprogrammed and Chase Me was up and running again, she arrived at Geographe Bay about five hours behind the rest of the fleet.

The malfunction made for a slower trip, but in the end they arrived at their destination with-out causing any further damage. And while it turned out to be a long day all around, it could have been much worse. Without the expert help and fast thinking of Andy Clayton, there could have been a very different end to this tale.

If you need to talk to Andy and the experienced Motor Yacht Marine team call 0401 318 319 or 07 5514 1900 or email