You’ve done the research, you’ve had a little look around, and you’re ready to take the plunge. Here are some things to consider when buying that first boat.

Know What You Want

What will you be using your boat for? High speed cruising, entertaining, fishing? Also consider factors such as how often you will take your boat out, and what type of water you will be on. All of these factors will inform your choice.

Take It For a Test Drive

After you’ve had a lie down on the bed and stood in the shower to make sure you fit, testing a potential purchase on the water is essential. Feel how the boat responds to the conditions and the controls, and how you feel at the helm.

Ask The Right Questions

It’s vital to be clear on all the details of your boat, such as the engine make, horse power, the hours on the clock, the level of maintenance required and what the difference in hull materials mean for you. GTIM’s professional consultants are unrivalled in experience, boasting decades in boating and motor yacht business, and are well equipped to step you through your purchase and any queries you have.